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Welcome to the Scottish Islands Explorer

Submitting Material for Publication

Writers' Guidelines

Scottish Islands Explorer is the UK's only magazine solely devoted to exploring the islands of Scotland. It is published bi-monthly in full colour and is composed of 52 pages.

Description of Magazine, Content and Character

Each issue contains high-quality, in-depth and topical articles about the Scottish islands. Subject matter is wide-ranging, including articles on culture, language, environmental issues, archaeology, history, lifestyles, travel, wildlife and current affairs. Some articles focus directly on one island or a group while others develop a theme that links various islands.

We also have regular sections, which include news from the Scottish islands, people profiles, places to visit, book and video / DVD reviews.

Submitted articles should beapproximately 1250 words. Book and video / DVD reviews should be approximately 500 words. However, the first step is to make contact to see whether a topic is suitable and required -  so do email the Editor before committing time and efforts to a task.

Submission of articles, photographs and drawings

The three qualities that matter in effective writing, according to Joseph Conrad, are clarity, simplicity and euphony.

When producing material for Scottish Islands Explorer, please heed the Three A's Advice.  Copy should have an academic element by projecting an informative approach. It should be accessible in the sense of being readable and it should address an audience that may not be expert, but which has a basic awareness of the Scottish islands.

Copy should be in single-spaced Arial 12 and have paragraphs of about five lines in length. The latter translates on the printed page into a item that has pace.

Relevant photography, maps and drawings may be included, although we reserve the right to substitute our own photographic material.. We prefer JPEG/TIFF/PDF files either e.mailed or on a CD, but  we can also deal with high quality photographic prints if necessary. Digital pictures should be 300 dpi and CMYK format, landscape size approx. 210mm x 150mm, portrait size approx. 300 x 210mm.

Scottish Islands Explorer is published on the 18th day of alternate months (February, April, June, August, October, and December). The deadline for the submission of articles is six weeks prior to publication date.


Payment is currently set at 5p per published word and £5 per published photograph.

For further information or to discuss your project, please contact:  


Hullon Mull

Highland Cow on Jura

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